Zane & Zenon Owens

What my boys can do

  • Both my boys speak Polish and English
  • they are very independent
  • my four year old can count to 110 unassisted and to 200 with a little help.
  • He knew his alphabet at the age of to view video
  • He can write all the letters
  • he can add and subtract and learning to count change for money denomination
  • When he wants too he can spell several words and write his name
  • He knows his full name his brothers full name and dad and mom names
  • He was in gymnastic for a while and now I am trying to teach him how to use nunchucks but my youngest at 21 months seems to want to do it more than my four year old

  • my youngest is a little bit more adventurous and is a lot less likely to cry when he falls down and most of the time he thinks it is funny .
  • he like jumping off of things climbing anything in sight.
  • While he speak less than his brother did at his age he understand so mush more than I would thank a child at this age would understand.
  • I talk to him as if he was an adult explaining things to him when he wants something and is crying for it.
  • I let him know I am going to fix what he wants but I may need to change his diaper first so I tell him to go and get me the diaper and wipe and your cream then we will get you what you want. Sure enough he gets me what ever I had asked him to get stops crying and helps me.
  • My little one does everything his older brother does because of this I encourage my four year old to only talk to his brother in polish to further stimulate his little brain as my vocabulary is modest when it comes to speaking polish so it is more broken than my 4 year old’s .
  • We involve both our boys as much as possible in our daily activities and routines to further instill a sense of pride and give not just the skill that they will need later in life.
    • ex.
    • Helping us cook ,
    • clean the house ,
    • but mostly we push them to at least try, and allow them to fail while giving them constant encouragement that if they just do it a certain way that they could achieve their goals. While also letting them know that sometime you can ask for help or walk away for a moment to allow the frustration to pass. This is mostly done with our 4 year old

I loved every thing and nothing else

Zane Owens